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    hi everyone,

    forgive me for not following the customs in your forums. please do not misunderstand my brevity as disrespect.

    it’s my general experience in online forums – where people join and leave the discussions frequently – that most moderators prefer to keep posts within threads as close to the discussion topic as possible so as not to derail the discussions. and to limit “hello” and “goodbye” messages to the subforums specifically designated for such posts or to cases where there has been a significant gap in time between posts in a thread… we also just refer to people as their usernames by default, since they chose the username, unless they specifically ask to be reffered by some other name. (all of this improves the future readability of the threads without having unnecesary text clogging up the timeline)

    feel free to refer to me as B+A/bows/bowsandarrows

    PS: i agree we should keep posts in the native language because the AI translators will improve over time, hopefully! also just about the usernames, people are free to use their real name in the username, and in most cases that is the indication of their preference in communication. using a pseudonym communicates to me that you prefer to be pseudonymous in this discussion – eliminating the need for unnecessary questions, again.