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    i am using the vanatoo transparent zero+ actives with a ruark rs2 subwoofer via LFE out. and yes the iPurifier has mini-toslink in (via the RCA/coax in port – pretty cool implementation!) and out (dedicated mini-toslink out). so it can be used as a coax>mini-toslink converter and vice versa, as well as coax>coax or mini-toslink>mini-toslink. handy little gizmo!

    just of note with the switch to LPS for the speakers – there was a notable increase in the dynamic range produced by the setup (even on “compressed” loud recordings), less fatiguing sound with retained punch/macrodynamics (even though i rarely listen above 75dB for longer than a few minutes at a time!) and weirdly enough – the off-axis performance of the speakers also notably improved!! the off-axis performance of my speakers (esp vertical) was already really good, but now the horizontal off-axis performance is incredible – almost approximating a true “sphere” of music that you would expect from a stage of musicians…


    you’re welcome. and yes, the WiiM pro is a solid streamer, the software is really good imo. but to see how much the sound improves when you apply noise reduction component changes/tweaks to the system is eye-opening. maybe with all the ethernet-sound tweaks we can get the noise floor in this to match the Grimm models?! but it will almost cost the same after all the modifications then, haha…